Fifty Shades of Grey (Hair)

My apologies to anyone who read the title "Fifty Shades of Grey" and thought I would be discussing anything other than the grey hairs in my beard and on my head. In order to meet these folks in the middle I will include a saucy excerpt from a risque novel I have been writing. He awoke to... Continue Reading →

To Save A Mockingbird

Life has a funny way of timing things sometimes. Like this afternoon when I was sleeping on the couch after just falling asleep for a much deserved nap, the UPS delivery guy swung open the door, slammed down a package inside my house, and yelled "UPS!" as fast and as loudly as he could. After... Continue Reading →

The MusculoSpiritual System

The way we treat our bodies can say a lot about us as people. In the Bible the body is described as a temple that houses the divine and should be treated as such. If that is the case, at least my temple is well insulated. Buddha taught the importance of treating the body well... Continue Reading →

So Fast and Super Furious

He Works Hard For the Money The frequency of my posting has significantly decreased since I began working a real job. It is not that I have less Good Ideas to write about, it is just that all of my Good Ideas revolve around how to make babies stop crying. Unfortunately I have been informed... Continue Reading →

How Santa Got John G’s Groove Back

Here is the YouTube link just in case: Merry Christmas and very happy holidays to all of my readers/viewers! Thank you all for your constant support. It makes me feel all tingly inside... Then again that might just be the Skyline Chili I ate for dinner. Either way, ENJOY!!!

Crazy Little Thing Just Happened

Doing What I Love I have been interested in a lot of things that this world has to offer, and I have always done what felt right at each particular moment. This has led me to enjoy things that I have never experienced before, such as getting my first ant farm for my 28th birthday... Continue Reading →

Are You In The No?

An Important Lesson This summer was the busiest I have ever experienced, and with only a few days of summer left I am surprisingly indifferent about the conclusion of the season. This is in stark contrast to the deep depression I used to feel in the last days of summer when I was in school.... Continue Reading →

Operation:Boo-Hiss-Run Phase 1

Stray 1. intransitive verb; To deviate from the proper course, especially without a fixed purpose 2. noun; a domestic animal found wandering at large or without an owner I wonder if stray cats are aware that they are deviating from the proper life course set for them. Do they worry to themselves, "what is the purpose... Continue Reading →

Scamming the Con

Life gives us enough challenges without the scam artist, shyster, and con people. The picture I had of these people growing up was a tall, skinny man with a pencil thin mustache and slicked-back hair. Obviously Prince is a musical artist and not a con artist, however it would be ironic if Prince were a con artist before his... Continue Reading →

General Tso Tstylish

During the dawn of my Good Idea site I was inspired by a local artist to create a wallet out of an uncommon medium, an airline safety manual. Since then I have made several wallets and even a purse for what I referred to as my Exit Door Couture fashion accessory line. Here are some... Continue Reading →

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