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During the dawn of my Good Idea site I was inspired by a local artist to create a wallet out of an uncommon medium, an airline safety manual. Since then I have made several wallets and even a purse for what I referred to as my Exit Door Couture fashion accessory line.

Here are some of my stylish accessories:

Includes a Tri-Fold pocket, Velcro, and illustrated instructions on how far down between your knees that your head needs to be when the plane smashes into the ground to come out unharmed
This is no Coach purse... This is a First Class purse!

I realized as more people brought me airline safety manuals to make them a purse or wallet that 1. I should be selling these, and 2. if I sold these I would go to jail for stealing federal property. I quickly decided to retire the Exit Door Couture line.

A few months ago I was paying my bill at a Chinese food restaurant when I had a revelation. What is one thing that is as colorful as an airline safety manual, as familiar to everyone as an airline safety manual, and also happens to be completely free to take as many as I want without going to jail?

General Tso Tstylish:

John G’s Spring Line of Chinese Food Menu Accessories

Fashion is about to get Kung Pow'd!

 Using the free chinese food menus and magnets from my favorite restaurant, my new line of accessories hit the shelves today! (And by the shelves, I mean my living room table).

Here are the pieces from the runway show that I just did for my wife…

The Basic Wallet: Front

This wallet is an homage to my first creation, although it smells more like sesame seed oil for some reason.

The Basic Wallet: The Back

 True story: I lost my wallet at the library and the librarian called me and said the guy who turned it in said, “I don’t know what this is, but it was on the floor.”

Hunan Hipster Glasses

 Need to hold your glasses to your head? Why not use a chinese food menu?

From afar this bracelet looks elegant and stylish, from up close it looks like Moo Shu Pork and Sesame Chicken

 I wanted to add the chopsticks to make it look like the model was eating at a nice sushi bar somewhere (because First Wok does not give out chopsticks).

The woman working the counter when I took a large stack of menus gave me this beautiful calendar and thanked me. She must have thought I was handing the menus out to people, but I was actually planning on using them all myself.  So instead of feeling guilty, I made a purse out of the calendar.
This clutch even has a special compartment to store left over fried rice! (It doesn't, but that would be incredible!)
This is the inside of the purse. Although no special fried rice pocket, it has plenty of space for whatever it is that girls keep in their purses...

This is the magnet clip-on tie. It is pretty cool

 The white shirt I chose for the picture takes away from the cool-factor of the tie. It also was still slightly damp from dancing at the wedding I wore it to on Saturday night.

 I would personally like to send a big sank you to all the folks at First Wok, and all the great chinese food establishments around the United States that keep us full for brief periods of time, but give us big enough portions to eat at least every hour for 2 days straight.
I would also like to point out that I respect the ability of every chinese food delivery service to bring my food to me so hot that I actually have to wait for it to cool off a little before I eat it (unlike every other delivery service who delivers luke-warm food so regularly that when my pizza is actually delivered hot, I get overly excited like I won a special award).
If chinese food restaurants begin charging for menus, I will gladly take the blame. Until then I will continue creating these General Tso Tstylish accessories by request. And every time I make one I have to go eat at First Wok because I have stared at it all day.

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