About my idea


I work in the medical field where we investigate each system of the body to diagnose and treat illness. We often eliminate 99 things that have not caused the problem in order to isolate the problem.  In a similar way, an innumerable amount of significant medical discoveries have been made after 99 failures.  This trend extends beyond medicine to everything that has ever been invented, and is especially apropos to this website’s contents.

My favorite hobby is solving problems by thinking outside of the box and wallet. This website is for the purpose of documenting my ideas and failures (which I like to call Great Attempts) in order to potentially identify the Truly Good Idea that I have always felt lurking somewhere deep inside of me.  I am well aware that the “feeling” inside of me could be a marooned gas bubble, and that everyone might laugh at my ideas because they are stupid (the ideas, not necessarily the people.)  That’s okay too, because as the saying I invented goes “laughing and pointing is the best form of flattery.”

Here are the stipulations that I use for my idea creation process:

1. It has to be original. It can be inspired by something else, but I always thrive to create something that no one has ever seen.

2. It has to be made with recycled materials (used before), with exception to building materials such as glue or nails. (This is not to be green, just to save green)

3. It has to be done well, work well, and serve its intended purpose (a very broad definition).

More than likely no one will read this, and for all I know there could be a button I have to press to even make it available for anyone else to read. However I still wouldn’t classify the $15 dollars I spent on this website to be a complete waste if no one reads it because then at least I know my Good Ideas are safe from internet idea thieves.

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