Diarrhea Fashion

Typically the entrance into fatherhood does not take people by surprise who are not on Jerry Springer. Occasionally in Hollywood films a man will discover that he unknowingly fathered a son many years before, and happens to be pointing a gun at or holding an axe above this son's head when he finds out the... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Good Idea John G!

When I saw that I had received a card in the mail today, I got excited like I used to when I was little. Then again, every letter I got in the mail when I was young either contained a birthday card full of cash, or a report card full of brilliant gems from my teachers, like "John G has trouble paying... Continue Reading →

When Words Lose Their Meaning

Awesome (awe-some) adjective I use the word "awesome" too much. Awesome is defined as "inspiring awe." Awe is defined as "a mixed emotion of reverence, respect, dread, and wonder inspired by authority, genius, great beauty, sublimity, or might." Last night I told my wife that her pork tenderloin was "awesome." In other words at this very... Continue Reading →

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