Scamming the Con

Life gives us enough challenges without the scam artist, shyster, and con people. The picture I had of these people growing up was a tall, skinny man with a pencil thin mustache and slicked-back hair. Obviously Prince is a musical artist and not a con artist, however it would be ironic if Prince were a con artist before his... Continue Reading →

General Tso Tstylish

During the dawn of my Good Idea site I was inspired by a local artist to create a wallet out of an uncommon medium, an airline safety manual. Since then I have made several wallets and even a purse for what I referred to as my Exit Door Couture fashion accessory line. Here are some... Continue Reading →

Put On A (Sterile) Happy Face

In case you missed a day, here are the other Good Ideas from Good-Idea-A-Day Week! Good Idea A Day: Promo Good Idea A Day: Idea #1 The Progressive Pillow Today's Good Idea: Put On A (Sterile) Happy Face I have previously referenced my job as a nurse at a children's hospital, and after a few months of working I have learned a lot.... Continue Reading →

The Progressive Pillow

There are many beliefs about how humans came to exist on this planet. A lot of people believe we evolved from primates, and I can believe this because one of my brothers grows hair everywhere except his forehead. Another large portion of people believe God made the first humans out of clay, which I could also believe because my mid-section feels clay-like when... Continue Reading →

Good-Idea-A-Day Promo

This explains the Good Idea A Day that is currently happening on! Prizes will be given out all throughout the week!

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