Are You In The No?

An Important Lesson This summer was the busiest I have ever experienced, and with only a few days of summer left I am surprisingly indifferent about the conclusion of the season. This is in stark contrast to the deep depression I used to feel in the last days of summer when I was in school.... Continue Reading →


I have only just recently become self-conscious about my appearance. I believe this is supposed to happen during puberty, but I have not had another voice change or mysterious hair growth as of yet. I have never shied away from attention, but my favorite shirt has dinosaurs on it  because I like dinosaurs, not attention. In other words, clothes... Continue Reading →

Tumble Dry Low

Succesful marriage    With dismal news about the state of our nation's marriages constantly bombarding us from all angles, it relieved me to read an article in Time magazine that had a positive outlook on marriage. The article attempted to disprove marriage related rumors, such as one I've heard (and probably spouted as "fact") several times, which is that more than 50%... Continue Reading →

Getting Audrey Hepburn’s Legs in Shape

Decorating Your Makeshift Workout Room       I use a lot of self-deprecating humor, mostly revolving around being fat, out of shape, and being easily distracted. I am, in fact, out of shape and easily distracted. This is why I can’t consistently work out; if I am not crying within the first 5 minutes of exercise... Continue Reading →

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