I Am the World

With my newest fundraising venture underway, I am excited to be walking 6 miles to raise money for the March of Dimes. Anyone who knows me is aware that walking 6 miles typically takes me 2-3 weeks, adding the daily totals. Now that I am a neonatal intensive care nurse, my perspective has changed and 6 miles does not... Continue Reading →

How to Stay Productive

I am somewhat chagrined to report that after yet another week of due diligence, I remain one of the growing number of unemployed Americans feeling the weight of unemployment on my shoulders and pocketbook. One can only spend so many hours on the job hunt before jumping off of one's roof, so I have developed... Continue Reading →

Breaking News: Lady GaGa Falls Down, Many Laugh

Lady GaGa's Music = Ear Poison  I really like performers. My favorite performer in any genre is the late Freddie Mercury, the former lead singer of Queen. His flawless, powerful vocals, musical aptitude, and super-human stage presence made him the quintessential performer. When someone as dynamic and talented as Freddie Mercury comes along,  not even a huge... Continue Reading →

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