Everybody Sharts: an underdog story

When I shared on social media that I had written a book, I didn’t expect that the book would launch from 11,317th to #17 on the Amazon parody best seller list in one day. I knew a lot of people would feel seen. I knew a lot of people would want to read it to their children, who are obviously little shart factories. I knew my mom would probably buy a copy and ask me to sign it (she did.) After all, my mom wrote a book about feelings, so she’s proud that I followed in her footsteps as an author. She’s a Child Life Specialist, raised 4 boys, and is a life/marriage coach now. A perfect person to write a book that teaches kids about feelings! I, on the other hand, have sharted quite a few times and I’ve never been afraid to talk about it, probably because my mom was a Child Life Specialist who liked to talk about feelings. So I definitely felt qualified to write a book about how sharting can bring the world together.

It is really exciting that people want to read my book. After a few panic attacks related to my own self-doubt, I went back and read my book again. I realized I finally created something that, while very simple and childish, I am very proud of. A simple poem that sends a simple but profound message; People really are all cut from the same cloth. It’s our experiences that create our differences. Unless those experiences are shared and understood collectively, like when you poop a little in your pants when you didn’t mean to. I’m sure people question the profundity of this thought. But when I say everybody, I mean everybody. Everybody sharts. We all sharted as babies. Many of us sharted in high school after eating Taco Bell, or in college after eating Taco Bell. We’ve all had stomach viruses at one point or another where we trusted a fart too much but felt too sick to get up from the couch. And some of us just shart from time to time for no particular reason. It’s all ok. Everybody Sharts. Thank you for your support! Much love, John G. (Click the image below to buy on Amazon and help me get to #1!)

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