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Just a few months ago I told my wife I had run out of Good Ideas. This is never a good thing, especially for someone with a blog that includes ‘Good Idea’ in its title. When this happens to someone’s creative process, there is an inherent risk of poor quality products being made to fill the void until the next Good Idea comes.

I believe this is what happens to Disney regularly, which is why there are movies such as “Pocahontas II: Journey to the New World” and “Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea” that are desperately but unsuccessfully trying to relive the magic of the original, with plot lines that read like a mad-lib that uses the original plot as the basis and a few words changed here and there.    

Even if they would have paid Mel Gibson to be Captain John Smith in the second Pocahontas film, it still would not have been as cool as the first time around when it was an original idea (so they brilliantly hired Mel’s little brother, Donal, to do the voice for way cheaper.)

Rather than put out garbage, I briefly considered converting my site into a “Swamp People”  fan page, until I realized that my wife and I are probably the only people who missed Steve Carell’s last episode on ‘the Office’ because they were introducing the Guist brothers on ‘Swamp People.’ It was worth it, although nobody caught the Loch Ness Monster (It is imperative for anyone that did not get this joke to watch the show…)

The Swamp People haven't let celebrity get to their heads. They also haven't let a razor or shampoo get to their heads.

I began to wonder; Since my Good Ideas usually come from the need to solve a problem or eliminate an inconvenience, had I become too content or too comfortable?

Fortunately with Springtime came many of the problems and inconveniences that I had forgotten about as I was holed-up inside my house during Winter. Along with these inconveniences came so many Good Ideas that I decided to create the first ever “Good-Idea-A-Day Week!” on to celebrate my new bounty of Good Ideas.

Special Week Sweepstakes!!!

As a thank you to my loyal subscribers, I will debut a new Good Idea every day this week (from Sunday 05/08 to Saturday 05/14/11).

During this week, anyone who:

  1. Subscribes (it’s free!) to,
  2. ‘Likes’ Good Idea John G, LLC on Facebook, or
  3. Comments on any of the seven posts 

will be entered into a drawing to win several special Good Idea John G style prizes (along with something actually valuable). Also look around the site during the week  for other special contests with prizes…

Thanks for reading!

Love,  John G

11 thoughts on “Good-Idea-A-Day Promo

Add yours

  1. oh. my. gosh. did a remnant call me a beauty!?

    life complete. seriously.

    ps-i love the idea of kate’s corner.

  2. Kick save and a beauty, Kate G.

    Normally I would be excited by the first comment-driven altercation on my site (I think that means I am official,) however I must intervene because I happen to know that RR is possibly the one who shot Bambi’s mother, and I personally do not want to see a Disney movie based on the life, and subsequent elimination, of Kate G.

    I feel an obligation to state that I do love Disney movies, but only Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Lion King, the Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahontas, and Hannah Montana.

    Love, John G

  3. RR,

    please reread my comment and then stop sassing me. i did not say BAMBI was a woman, but that BAMBI’S MOTHER was a woman, as proven by the fact that she gave birth to bambi. i wasn’t actually allowed to see this movie, as my mother saw it when it first came into theaters and cried so loudly that she had to be asked to leave, so my psyche was saved that torment, but i am confident in my gender comments. disney’s hatred for women stems from the death of a female parent, rather than the left behind child.

    the word “deer” really should have a plural form…like “deeren” or something. “deers” is clearly just silly.

    kate g (john g is my little.)

  4. RR,

    Very well said on all accounts. Only the father of a Disney cast member would know that Bambi was a boy; you humbled even myself (and I know a lot of worthless information about Disney movies). I will make sure Kate G corrects this misconception for any further discussion of the subject.

    I do need clarification on one point: I am not familiar with “noodling.” Is it what people do with the strippers named Bambi?

    Love, John G
    PS I know what noodling is, I just wanted to make the stripper joke…

  5. GIJG:
    I love your blog and the solutions it proposes. Someone needs to tell Kate G that Bambi was not a doe but a buck, despite the fact that 20% of today’s strippers choose the name and have emasculated poor Bambi. And, what Swamp Person worth their salt would not mention “Noodling” as a past time of the good ol’ boys. Come on Fred, get with it.
    As a result, I am casting my vote (although I don’t get one) for your mom to win large.

  6. Freddie G,

    I tried to contact the Guist brothers to ask them if this in fact could be a prize, but they are not listed in the Swamp People Yellow Pages. Also I am afraid I would be held liable if something happened to a subscriber of mine such as getting injured by an alligator or a Guist brother.

    I would recommend eating slugs and gonads in the comfort of your living room (while watching the History Channel, 9pm Thursdays!)
    Love, John G

  7. Kate G,

    I briefly considered having “Kate G’s Corner” on my site because that was quite an eloquent and poignant rant.

    Then I realized you just need to have your own site so we can post each other’s links (because none of my friends’ sites that I have links for will list my site as a link. I think they don’t want to associate with my site because it’s not serious enough for them.)

    I am glad you understand that I am discussing serious issues and attempting to fix the world. You are a valuable ally in my fight against whatever happens to be on my mind at any particular moment…

    Thanks for reading, and keep your wonderful comments coming!
    Love, John G

  8. john, the sad thing is, people are still watching “the fast and the furious” for round FIVE of illegally altered cars, half-dressed hussies and men whose necks will never look normal in a tshirt again. all i could think while reading your brilliance was “back in my day” we had quality entertainment like mr. rogers and bozo the terrifying clown.

    did you also notice that disney hates women? they do. how many mothers are dead/killed off in their movies and IF they’re replaced, it’s by someone who is horrid. just ask cinderella, bambi and the little mermaid…who know has THREE movies to hang her shells on.

    fix the world, john. it needs you.

  9. I hope one of your prizes is a trip to the swamp to eat slug pudding, water moccasin pie and gator gonads with the Guist brothers!!

  10. MCG,

    Considering Oprah has more houses than I have subscribers, your chances are pretty good! Good Luck anyway!

    Love, John G

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